Leaving Paradise – a catch up post

So, as it turns out, safari camps in the middle of the Serengeti do not have internet access. This should have been obvious. I just honestly never thought about it. And I can’t say I missed it. As it was the days were full and I was in bed between 9 and 10 pm each night exhausted. There was no time.

It does however, leave me with some catching up to do.

When I left you last, I was seasick after the return from Praslin. We had two days left in the Seychelles. Friday, we decided to take a vacation from our vacation. We did nothing. We slept in. We read books. Played games. Hardly left the hotel. There was no need. We enjoyed the awesome weather from our awesome patio.

Saturday was our last day. We had no real plans, but a few ideas. Dave had been wanting to go para-sailing. I am afraid of heights, and so kept stalling him. Saturday I gathered my courage and told him to book it (and fast, before I chickened out.) So before 11 am I found myself 150m (+/-) above Beau Vallon beach, strapped to Dave, holding on for dear life, and loving every minute of it. (What do you think Rawlsy, there’s something Eat-Pray-Love-ish about overcoming fears, am I right?)

As we were gathering our things after our flight we were randomly asked if we were interested in a boat ride to the marine park and some snorkelling. Um, yeah. We’d been trying to plan this already, but it was too expensive ($90 each). Now with a group we could each go for $35. Perfect.

So after a quick lunch we boarded a glass bottomed boat for a 3-hour tour of the marine park, and some of the most amazing snorkelling ever.

As we walked down the beach we spotted some folks putting up a Takamaka Bay Rum tent, but I assumed it was a sponsorship thing and never thought more of it. However, when we returned, there was a party about to start. Tents were up, and a parade had just started. Takamaka Bay Rum was having a promotional event. For no particular reason. On our beach, on our last day in the country.

The company co-founder called us over, asked where we were from, and served us one delicious cocktail after another, and made us promise to pick up a bottle of Takamaka Bay Rum at the duty-free store on our way out. And so we did. So very yummy – and such a nice sendoff.

Bye-bye Seychelles. We will miss you.