The bride wore McQueen

And I wore H&M and a home-made hat. But my shoes were Ralph Lauren and my bag a Kate Spade. So are we really that different? I don’t think so. Plus, as I pointed out in a previous post, I am descended from royalty.

Simple, classic and gorgeous. I could do without the train, but these royal types seem to like them. (Photo courtesy

But seriously, the wedding was beautiful and breakfast was fantastic. I was not pleased to discover that I had been bumped from my table by some fault of over booking, and was sitting with strangers, but at least I make friends easily.

From here on, I think that every day should start with pretty dresses, and mimosas. At least two of them. And those mimosas should not be spilled into the lap of the woman beside me and all over my nice white bag. They definitely should not. It was an accident. The offending server apologized profusely. For the first two minutes I was too busy helping my poor neighbour clear her lap of the cocktail to realize I was also covered. But I escaped to the restroom and I think the poor bag will survive. I thank you in advance for your concern.

To the lovely couple: congrats and best of luck.


My Royal Wedding outfit is ready

Unless you are living under a rock, you know there’s a pretty big event tomorrow morning, and it has nothing to do with Canada’s 41st federal election.

While at first I was determined to ignore the Royal Wedding, I slowly found myself being sucked in. I’m not much of a monarchist, really. I don’t so much care that they are the future King and Queen. But the hats! The dresses! Be still my heart.

There is the annoying detail that they are getting married in London of all places. To watch and participate I will need to be up and dressed at an ungodly hour. But dressed I will be.

The classic navy dress is ready. The Dubai pearls are ready. Kate Spade bag is ready. And as of a few hours ago, my home-made wedding hat (more of a fascinator, really) is ready. Tomorrow at 7 am I dine in style at the Atlantica Hotel, and watch the nuptials. What if anything are you doing to mark the occasion?