Another year older

Last week I turned 33. I have officially started what my Dad likes to call my Jesus year. It’s my year to make an impact in the world or … die trying? I’m sure he only means the first half. I have a tendency to interpret too literally sometimes.

What will 33 bring? I have big plans, but yet no idea. By the time I turn 34, will the world know my name? Not likely. I’ll take small victories. Like maybe 100 readers. Or maybe a complete novel?


Coloured paper can save the world

Yesterday’s meeting went remarkably well. Despite the “extra” people who showed up uninvited to be sure things went the way they wanted them too. Despite the town’s CAO meeting me and saying “Its nice to meet you but I’ll tell you if I like you after the meeting is over.” Despite all our reservations. All because of The Coloured Paper Exercise. Which from here on will always be capitalized in my books, because it is amazing. Not surprising, as both J. and I learned it from our friend, AC, environmental educator extraordinaire and a wonderful resource and mentor in my thesis process. I can’t wait to tell her about it.
Briefly, the Coloured Paper Exercise involves handing out small pieces of coloured paper to your group members, and having them answer a series of questions. Each question corresponds with a colour of paper – all answers to question 1 on blue paper, etc. We asked three questions: what are your expectations, what are your reservations? and what are your desired outcomes?
And the group of 14 fifty (plus) year old men sat around and wrote down their ideas, and then worked together to sort them into categories, and present back to the group. One even got up when it was all over and told me how much he likes exercises like that. Everyone seemed pleased with the outcome.
Mind you, there is still work to be done, but I think it is off to a very good start.
As for me, D. is off to work, and I must sit down and complete a “Career Development Plan” for the department and set 5-6 goals for myself for the coming fiscal year. All in an hour and a half, because the Sens vs. Devils starts at 8:00 and I can’t miss it.
D. gets promoted tonight. He was happy to point out that by the time he gets home he will outrank Prince Harry. I think he’s expecting special treatment for that.

Whiskey and Rootbeer floats

Well we got the snow I hoped for. Then it turned to a cold wet rain and we never actually saw any white on the ground. Hope D. isn’t too cold in the woods. Poor sucker. I mean that in the nicest way.
Drinking a whisky and rootbeer. I must say I wasn’t sure about this one when Tash mentioned it, but it’s actually good. I can’t imagine drinking a lot of it, but fun for now and then. I’m tempted to add some vanilla ice cream. (I bet A&W could make a fortune off whiskey and rootbeer floats).
Tomorrow night we’re having A. over for dinner and drinks. We’ve been meaning to do that all fall, but between our obsession with “Six Feet Under” eating up our evenings, and being away at White Point for a week, it just never happened. Now, less than a week before I leave for Anigonish we’re finally getting it done. Should be a lot of fun. Plus I have a one hour massage right after work. All in all it will be a relaxing evening. And not one ounce of preparation for school in the mix. Sigh.