The new kitchen has been built

Well, the basic structure. Right now it’s just an awkward looking plywood box. But it will be my new kitchen.

Outside view. Kitchen addition on the left. Also: new front porch!


Inside. The yellow table stands where the counter will be. There will be windows on either side of it, at the corners. Current kitchen is front and right.


Back outside: While we lost two lilac trees to construction, the contractors dug up the rhododendron so we could replant and save it.



Demolition mostly complete

The inside demo is complete, and new sub-floors are in. Outside demo is still ongoing, with the siding and shingles being removed. Soon, they start digging to install posts for the kitchen extension. I have a few more pictures for you.

D. in the front hall.

Living room, which has also become the temporary storage area.

The kitchen - looking from the stairs.

Upstairs. Standing in the master bedroom, looking towards the spare room.

Standing in the master bedroom, looking into what will become the upstairs bathroom. Exciting.