Of geckos and such

So, I won’t pretend this trip was cheap. Because it was not. That said, generally speaking, D and I don’t exactly travel in style. It’s economy plane tickets, rail passes and budget self-catering accommodations all the way. And for that reason we can go to the Seychelles and Africa for the same price many go to Europe.

It also leads to some unexpected surprises that we just roll with, while many travellers would walk away. We have a lovely room here on Beau Vallon beach. It has a tiny kitchen where we can save much money by cooking our own breakfast and dinner. We buy lunch on the road, and all is well. The place is clean and well looked after. Two minor problems (bathroom light switch and outside door hinge) were dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

What won’t go away however, are the critters. There are tiny ants & spiders everywhere. Not hundreds of them, mind you. Even I, with my insect fascination would not be able to deal with that. But they are always around. They are rather polite though – they seem to crawl only on surfaces that we are not using, and don’t get into our stuff. I’m OK with that.

There are also geckos. Funny thing is, we love geckos. D especially. Our first night here, we drank a few beer, sat on our patio and watched the geckos stalk bugs and fight each other for territory. Better than TV. (If there was Gecko TV, we’d watch.)

Then last night, D was running errands while I started supper.  I was browning minced beef and shopping onions, and bent down to get another pot out of the cupboard, when a wee gecko jumped out from beneath the dipper and scampered across my toes to hide beneath the oven. Holy cats! The only reason I did not scream bloody murder is that my heart was in my throat. In my defence, I scared him more than he scared me. I’m sure I did. But I have decided geckos are lovely outdoors, but they do not belong in my kitchen.