My new kitchen

Reno planning has begun, and my favourite project by far is the kitchen. I’m looking to keep the mid-century look we have now: white cabinets, blue & yellow tile & accents, chrome fixtures.

My kitchen. Original cabinets - 1949. Friend's face blurred for her privacy.

Current kitchen tile floor. Original.

I don’t have a huge budget, but I have enough to make it work. I think. I have gathered a few cabinet quotes, countertop & tile samples. I think this is coming together. With a cabinet sketch from Home Depot, and the help of an underused design tool – good ol’ Microsoft Paint – here’s a sketch of my future, bigger kitchen:

Fun! Well, the floor tile will be somewhat more muted. This looks like a clown’s workshop. There are only so many colours to choose from in Paint. Also, my windows are much bigger, and prettier.

Another view, not Paint-ed.

Note, the cabinets will be white, not grey.

Now I won’t be getting these particular cabinets, but a very similar style. And the tile backsplash will look something like this:

Possibly more like this. But with more white. Confused yet?


Not a resolution, but…

I just signed up for guitar lessons! I’ve had a guitar for three years now. I play around with it, teach myself a few things, then put it away long enough to forget everything I just learned. Then start the cycle again. I wouldn’t let myself sign up for lessons, as I was just to darn busy already.
But the Masters is done. I have dropped a number of obligations in order to relax and enjoy myself for a while. And so starting January 17, and for the following eight Mondays, I’m in a beginner guitar class.
Next goal: become a singer/songwriter sensation. (Just kidding. I am a terrible singer – and that’s not just me being modest. Besides, I have enough to do.)