Spring Carnival Blog Hop Giveaway

Hosted by:
The Reading Angel, Pure Imagination, Candace’s Book Blog, and The Book Swarm

I’m trying something new, and participating in the Spring Carnival Blog Hop. It’s a chance for book bloggers to help promote one anther, find new favourite blogs to follow, and reward our readers.

From Mat 1 to 8, visit the participating blogs for your chance to win great book prizes. I am giving away a $20 gift card to your choice of Chapters.ca or Amazon.com.

To enter, leave a comment below telling me what you are currently reading. I am enjoying The Year of the Flood, by Margaret Atwood, and also still reading Moby Dick. Also, it isn’t required to enter, but please consider following me by email, RSS or on Twitter.

Good luck, and check out the other blogs participating, for great reviews and more chances to win.
Have fun hopping!

1. Reading Angel 72. Carina L. Tai 143. Erika @ Moonlight Book Reviews
2. Candace’s Book Blog (Int) 73. Muggle- Born. net (US) 144. ~ Sweeping Me~( INT)
3. Pure Imagination 74. Samantha Jo @ YA Enthusiast 145. PJ Schnyder
4. The Book Swarm 75. Between the Bookcovers 146. pamela black
5. Reading Teen 76. Lovely Lit (US) 147. glenda cates
6. Bookworm Lisa (Intl) 77. Anne K. Albert 148. My Love Affair With Books (Int)
7. Supernatural Snark (Intl) 78. Kate George 149. Jen @ In the Closet With a Bibliophile
8. Down The Rabbut Hole (Intl) 79. Sheery’s Place 150. The Cait Files (Int)
9. Confessions of a Bookaholic (INT) 80. Mimi @ SoMany Books (US) 151. Absconditas (INT)
10. I Am a Reader, Not a Writer (Int.) 81. Lov Liv Life Reviews (Int) 152. Book Lungs ♄ (INT!)
11. Poisoned Rationality (Int) 82. Books R Us (Int) 153. Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind
12. Kate (I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read!) 83. Colloquium 154. Whispers by Rhiannon Ellis
13. The Reading Fever (US & CAN) 84. Lorielle 155. Read Now Sleep Later (US)
14. Black Fingernailed Reviews 85. Amanda @ letters written inside out (US) 156. Two Readers Reviews
15. Book Addictions by Christina 86. Julie Anne Lindsey 157. Evie @ Bookish
16. Shell’s Stories 87. Jen @ At Random (US) 158. Stella @ Ex Libris (INT)
17. Hott Books 88. Rebecca Irvine 159. Cedar Fort Books (US/ CA)
18. Star Shadow 89. PNR & UF Fanatics! 160. Gina C.
19. Books Devoured 90. Lori’s Reading Corner 161. One Book Per Week (US/ CA)
20. The Elliott Review (INT) 91. Helen Smith (Int) 162. Bianca (Wicked Good Books)
21. Vampires and Tofu 92. Truly Bookish (US) 163. The Bookish Brunette (INTL)
22. bookgoonie 93. The Zealous Reader (Canada) 164. Confessions and Ramblings of a Muse in the Fog (Int)
23. My Bookish Ways 94. Hope @ A Little Hope… Amidst the Chaos 165. Pimpin’ Reads
24. Laura Kreitzer (US) 95. darkangel88 166. Book Savvy Babe
25. Books Like Stars (US) 96. Diversion Press 167. Sarah @ The Brazen Bookworm
26. Manga Maniac Cafe (US) 97. Cleverlyinked 168. Laurie Carlson – lauriehere US & Canada
27. Actin’ Up with books 98. Marilyn’s Romance Reviews 169. Jen @ What’s on the Bookshelf (Intl)
28. Dfor Darla’s Definite Reads (US) 99. Carissa @ Preternatural Primer 170. Natalie (Id So Rather Be Reading)
29. Cem’s Book Hideout 100. Icey Books 171. My keeper shelf (INT)
30. I Like These Books – (INT) 101. The Enchanted Book 172. Living, Loving, Laughing, Reading
31. See Scoot Read (Int) 102. Mommies Point of View 173. Sara @ Just Another Story (Int)
32. Mysteries And Cupcakes 103. Susie Bookworm 174. Books & Other Creative Adventures (Int)
33. Joy @ Edgy Inspirational Romance 104. Ruby’s Reads (Int.) 175. Muriel Reeves
34. Minding Spot 105. Book Flame 176. E. B. Walters
35. Southern Fiber 106. Just Children’s Books (US) 177. Ednah Walters
36. Bitsy Bling Books 107. Lorien Velez (US) 178. PK Hrezo
37. Gabrielle Carolina @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf 108. Valarie 179. Book Passion for Life
38. Truth Be Told (US) 109. Lori Calabrese Writes! (US/ Canada) 180. Hedgeland
39. Ruth @ Bookish Ruth 110. Joyce@ whereismymind 181. Dr A Nyland (International)
40. Mary -FOREVER YOUNG (adult) 111. Lisa Peters 182. Love & Money with Feng Shui (INT)
41. Mary – Book Hounds 112. Safari Poet 183. Lorielle
42. Betty- Reflections with Coffee 113. Kelly’s Lucky You (US) 184. Dr. Stravagante
43. The Lucky Ladybug (Int) 114. Lisa’s Loves Books Of Course( Int) 185. Amy Jones
44. A Myriad of Books (US & CAN) 115. Do Not Disturb My Books 186. Elaina@ New Reading Mania
45. What Book is That? 116. Bada Bing Now 187. Hale & Salvatore Supernatural Must Reads { Canada/ U.S }
46. Mommies Point of View 117. Kadambari 188. Jess resides here
47. Stacy Juba: Mysteries, Murder & More 118. Beverly @ The Wormhole 189. Inga Silberg Books
48. Laurie, Meg & Caity (Reader Girls) 119. Brenda Pandos – Author 190. A Bookful of Thoughts (Int)
49. Chelsey @ Starry Sky Books 120. The Daily Harrell – YA (Int) 191. Family Literacy and You
50. Figuring Out the Small Stuff 121. Rex Robot Reviews 192. Simply Stacie (International)
51. Sugar Creek Cottage- International 122. Book of Secrets (International) 193. Midnight Bloom Reads (INT)
52. Sarah Reads Too Much 123. Roof Beam Reader 194. Livingston Hall Publishers (US, CA)
53. Books and Things US 124. Rachel (US/ AU) 195. 24/7 Book Cafe (US, CA)
54. Amethyst Daydreams 125. Meredith@ Mint Tea and A Good Book 196. TEENS READ AND WRITE (Intl)
55. Cuzinlogic (INT) 126. ROOTS IN MYTH 197. Must Love Books
56. paula schuck 127. Bookworming in the 21st Century 198. To Read or Not To Read
57. Extreme Reader Book Reviews 128. Demon Lovers books & more (US) 199. Reading With Bakin_ Goddess
58. Andrea Contillo 129. Paperback Treasures (Int.) 200. Talking with Tundra (US/ CAN)
59. Mysteries and My Musings (US & Canada) 130. Lady Reader’s Bookstuff 201. Barb @ Sugarbeat’s Books
60. Guen @ Ezine of A Random Girl 131. Joan Holub 202. Nikki
61. From the Trees 132. Fiction Flurry 203. Laurie Carlson
62. Alyssa @ The Babbling Bookworm 133. Reading, Writing and Waiting 204. The Book Fiend (Int)
63. KM @ One Page At A Time Reviews (US Only) 134. Got YA 205. Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews
64. Jennifer @ An Abundance of Books 135. The Itzel Library (Int) 206. Spades High Reads
65. Fiction State Of Mind 136. Books Like Breathing 207. Brave New Adventure
66. A & C Book Junkies (INTL) 137. Devon Ashley 208. Loretta @ Between The Pages
67. Paranormal Opinion (Int.) 138. Cynthia (A Blog about Nothing) 209. Book Twirps
68. Fire and Ice 139. The Book Pixie (US only) 210. A.G. Wright
69. Between The Pages 140. A Tale of Many Reviews (Int) 211. Curling Up By The Fire
70. Getting Naughty Between the Stacks 141. Nastasha
71. Coffee Table Press (INT) 142. Mayra’s Secret Bookcase

About contests, and stoves

First – I won! Not the grand prize of $1000, unfortunately. But I did win $100 as a runner-up in the Credit Cards Canada guest-blogging contest. A little bit more to add to the renovations/fancy-new-stove pot.

I had no idea I had such strong feelings about stoves until I starting trying to choose one. You can buy a stove for $600 or less. But a really nice stove… a bit more. My current favourites:


Double Oven. Awesomeness at only $2500.


Induction Stovetop. A mere $3700

The Ultimate: Retro and yellow. For only $4999.

General craziness

Wow it’s been busy. Luckily, I am a big fan of busy.

I was contacted in January by a resume company based in Ontario, wondering if I might do some contract writing for them to help with large institutional contracts they had coming up. After talking with the owner and reviewing contracts and convincing myself this was not a scam, I took the job. I am just finishing up the last few cover letters from my first assignment with them. I have never been so busy, but I am loving it.

My theory is that busyness doesn’t have to lead to stress, if it is in controlled doses. Yes I have been working my butt off for the last three weeks, but it’s been a fun challenge, with a nice financial reward, rather than a stressor. Now, if this was my everyday life, I’d burn out within a few months. But for a couple of weeks every few months, why not? We have some major expenses coming up, and I am still trying to convince D that the $3200 stove is a smart purchase. If I can earn some extra cash to put toward that stove, why not. Plus, working with another writer, on projects I just don’t get locally has been teaching me a lot.

Look for big changes with my own resume business in the coming weeks/months – including a great referral program.


Also on the money theme – there are 3 days left to help me win $1000 in the Credit Cards Canada blog contest. read my post about controlling your finances and saving money. Share it, like it, blog it or comment on it to help me win.