Making More Money

So, I have some passive, pay-myself-first saving strategies in place. They are a great start, but to reach my goal there’s a lot more needing done. So I have spent the last while organizing myself to make more money.
I have a side business writing resumes. Business is relatively steady, with 2-5 customers a month. That’s pretty much all I can handle with a full time job and school work on my plate as well.
Over the holidays, business naturally slowed to a a mere trickle. I finished up with my last client about two weeks before Christmas. So last week I got back online and started marketing again. I placed my ads on Kijiji, the Coast online, and Facebook. Yes, folks, I am spending money, to make money, so I can save money.
So far so good. I have 2 new clients confirmed, and another two to meet in the coming days. I’ve already earned back double what I spent on ads. It’s true what they say – you have to spend money to make money.
About to deposit $200 in my savings account!


An ambitious goal

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Both getting serious about saving, and the trip it will result in, but this year the stars are aligning to make it so.

My husband job has taken him away from home for an extended period. We plan to reunite sometime in mid-summer, on an African beach. That will be expensive enough.

On top of this, a combination of life events has led to some soul searching, and I really feel I need some time away. I want to experience something new, and give back a little. So my plan, if I can make it happen, is to stay on the African continent when our vacation is over, and do some volunteer work.

This will mean a leave of absence from work. So it certainly won’t be for long. A few weeks. Maybe as much as a month or two. Essentially, I will take whatever I can get approved – and afford. Because it will be without pay. While there is still a mortgage and many bills to cover.

I know it won’t be easy. $5000 is a lot of money to “find” in just over 5 months. Yet I know I can do it. A small part of me wants to set the bar higher. (The same part that convinces me to enroll in new classes, volunteer for boards of directors and take up running, all in one week. I’m learning to ignore that part of me.)

In partnership with a friend who is tackling her debt in 2010, I decided the best way to tackle this challenge was to blog about it – add some accountability.

So please, keep me accountable. Encourage me when you can. Provide ideas whn I need them. Tell me I’m full of sh*t when it is clear that I am.

It’s going to be a long 5 months. But I am looking forward to it.