A wardrobe in forty-plus pieces

So, the big cull has been competed, and I got myself down to about 45 items. Not so bad. Not 30, but not so bad. As I said, I wasn’t about to throw out perfectly good items that I am wearing. Of course now that I took the time to consider and justify everything I am keeping, I may not replace all 45 pieces when they wear out.
What made it hard was not knowing my job situation yet. The two most likely scenarios are going back to school, or working from home. Neither of which requires the work clothes I have packed. But I am still applying and hoping for a full-time salaried job, so can’t just pack it all away.

Since so many seemed to enjoy the photos last time, I logged into Polyvore.com to create an approximate version of my new leaner wardrobe for you.

Wardrobe in 40+ pieces

These are not my actual clothes, but the closest approximations I could find in colour and shape. I love you guys, but not enough to photograph and collage everything I own. A couple of pieces are missing as I couldn’t find anything even resembling them in the database… and I ran out of patience.

One thing you may notice after looking at the above picture … this is still a lot of clothes. Seriously. This represents about a third of what I had before this process began. I am embarrassed. Will I think twice before buying more? That remains to be seen.


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