Life is funny, isn’t it? Last time I posted here we were finishing amazing renovations to our house. We made it bigger. We made it prettier. We had it custom designed for us. It was awesome.

And now, just 18 months after the renos are complete… we are moving. It’s a temporary move, but a move nonetheless. I can’t believe I am leaving my fabulous new house.

But I am leaving. And not only that, significantly downsizing. There is no point in renting a 3+ bedroom house for a couple who are moving to another city for only a year (barring extensions, but that’s another story). So the challenge ahead of me in the next two months is figuring out what I want to take with us. What does a couple, in a one bedroom apartment, actually need to get by. And the flip side, what can go into long-term storage, and not be accessed till we move home.

At first, I found this daunting and stressful, but I am beginning to see it more as a challenge. Despite our best efforts not to be cluttered, we have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. We first noticed this when we had to move out for the renovation. We did our best to cull the excess stuff at that time, but when we began to unpack after the reno, it became clear we hadn’t done as well as we thought. There are still unpacked boxes in the closets and basement. If we haven’t used it in 18 months, why do we still own it.

So over the next few weeks, I am going to seriously cull our belongings. Ruthlessly. Why do we need 5 spare pillows? Multiple sheet sets for the spare bed and futon? 8 different types and sizes of wine glasses? Don’t get me started on mugs and teacups. It is out of control. While I am sure that given our personalities, we will never be true minimalists, I know we can do much better than this.

Tonight, I start with the kitchen. Single-use gadgets: be afraid. Be very afraid. I will report back soon.


One thought on “Minimizing

  1. Reading through this, I realize it sounds like such a #firstworldproblem. “Oh, I have so much stuff, let me give some away.” When this is done, we will still have so much more than many people can imagine. Honestly, that’s part of the point. I know we don’t need it all. We never intended to accumulate it all. But we did, and it’s time to do something about it.

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