Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson

ImageThere’s a shipwreck, a murder, some treason and rebellion, and yes of course, a kidnapping. All in less than 250 pages.

I had no idea when I picked this up that it was actually written for children/young adults (I bought the Kobo version, not one of the classic paperbacks that look like kids books). As I read a lot of YA anyway it mattered little. What I wanted was a good story set in Jacobite Scotland, and that’s what I got.

After the death of his father, young David Balfour learns of an uncle he never knew and a family fortune that is rightfully is. He sets of on a solo trek through the highlands of Scotland to find an uncle who is far from welcoming, and instead arranges to have him kidnapped into servitude on a ship. He escapes this terrible fate only through more bad luck – a shipwreck. Finally, David finds himself teamed up with a Jacobite adventurer, Alan Breck Stewart, who is wanted for the murder of a prominent Scot.

The two forge an unlikely friendship as they trek the Scottish countryside, and through their adventures, David transforms from a scared and uncertain young orphaned boy into a confident and experienced young man.

Overall, a charming book in the classic Romantic style (classic adventure-Romance, not love story romance). Note: You will want to be confident in your Scottish history – or keep Wikipedia handy – to follow the politics of the time.

Publisher: Cassell and Company Ltd

Publication date: 1886

Pages: 136

ISBN: 0-486-41026-9


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