It’s Dystopian Survival Week

Seeing Night Reviews and Ali’s Bookshelf and are hosting the Dystopian Survival Week Hop in honor of all the fantastic dystopian novels in the market right now. As a huge fan of the genre, I had to sign up.
Dystopian Survival week is a series of blog posts, where nine different book blogs will host a specific topic of a dystopian theme or challenge they’d like their readers to do or read to enter their giveaways.
April 23rd 

Seeing Night Reviews – Will host the Dystopian Image Scramble Challenge (Giving away: Insurgent)

April 24

EM Castellan – Guess that Quote Challenge (Giveaway: The Knife of Never Letting Go)
YA Book – Government System in Dystopian Novels (Giving away Various Dystopian Novels)

April 25th
Ali’s Bookshelf – Would you make it through the Maze Challenge (Giving away The Maze Runner)
Pretty Deadly Reviews – Hunger Games Theme (Giving away Hunger Games + Swag)

April 26th

Breath of Life Book Reviews – Article 5 Theme (Giving away Article 5 + Post Card)
Book Lovin Mamas – Surviving the Caves Challenge (Giving away The Host)

April 27th
One Book Per Week (Me!) – Women and girls in dystopian novels (Giveaway: Blood Red Road)

Sharon Loves Books and Cats The Hunt Challenge (Giveaway: The Hunt)
Be sure to check tham all out, and be back here Friday for my giveaway.

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