Anna Karenina – Part Six

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe the combination of houseguests followed by a bad cold and throat infection, which made me so tired all I did was work and sleep and my update is now a week late, have all combined to taint my enjoyment of the book.

Or maybe Part VI is just not as enjoyable as the rest.

Regardless, I found it a bother to read.
Levin’s jealousy over any man who speaks to Kitty has lost its original naive sweetness and is just annoying and tiresome. And don’t get me started on five chapters of a hunting excursion. I tried to see what lesson this was supposed to teach me about Russian society. Honestly I did. I just didn’t care.

“And though she felt sure that his love for her was waning, there was nothing she could do, she could not in any way alter her relations to him. Just as before, only by love and by charm could she keep him. And so, just as before, only by occupation in the day, by morphine at night, could she stifle the fearful thought of what would be if he ceased to love her.”

Levin is not the only tiresome & jealous lover. Anna is getting worse in her obsession with Vronsky. She made her choice but seems unable to accept it, constantly worrying what will become of her if her new love should ever tire of her. Get over it and get on with things, woman. Divorce your husband. Marry your lover. Make a new life. The end.

But then, that’s not what the book is about, is it?

I am almost caught up on reading, post sick delay. Hope to have Part VII posted in the next day or two.


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