Read-along: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Let’s try something new.

Anna Karenina is on my 2011 TBR list, and after spending months trying to get through Moby Dick, I have been stalling on starting this one. So to get me over that hump, I have recruited friends from across the country (and a few out of country) to read it with me. is now hosting its first read along.

How this Works
The novel was originally published in eight installments, and is thus conveniently divided into eight parts. For each part there will be an update/discussion post right here every Monday (or thereabouts – I am moving in early September which I suspect may require some flexibility). Participants are asked to comment, share thoughts, and/or share links to their own blog posts. Of course, no one has to blog or comment. There are no obligations of any kind. Join in the conversation if you wish, or read and follow the conversation if you prefer.

Discussion Schedule (every Monday):

  • September 12 – discussion of Part I
  • September 19 – discussion of Part II
  • September 26 – discussion of Part III
  • October 3 – discussion of Part IV
  • October 10 – discussion of Part V
  • October 17 – discussion of Part VI
  • October 24 – discussion of Part VII
  • October 31 – discussion of Part VII

Each section of the book is composed of roughly 18-35 chapters. Don’t let this scare you. Many of the chapters are only a few pages long.

If you join late or fall behind – no worries. Come back to the discussion post when you are ready to avoid spoilers. I intend to start reading early, as I know I will struggle to find time to read while moving and want a head start. I’ll just take good notes to ensure I am discussing the right chapters at the right time.

To Sign-up

  • Please comment below if you would like to participate.
  • If you have a blog and intend writing posts on your progress through the novel, provide a link to your blog. I will compile and post a link.

Remember: You do not have to be a blogger to take part in this read-along. Even if you are, you do not have to blog about it. All are welcome to read-along together and comment on the discussion posts. 


4 thoughts on “Read-along: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

  1. Count me in! I also have a big moved planned for October so I might falter but I am determined to read this book. Looking forward to the discussions! – Katie

  2. Loved this book! I didn’t enjoy it as much as War & Peace, but I did love it – so that’s a “Whatever” kind of comparison. lol Moby Dick took me months to read, but I got through Anna Karenina in a few weeks. Tolstoy seems daunting, and many of his books are certainly huge, but he is such a brilliant writer – you just have to find an equally great translation. I always go for Penguin editions. Good luck!

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