book review blog carnival – July 17, 2011


Book Review Blog Carnivalbook review blog carnival

Good afternoon and welcome to the July 17, 2011 edition of book review blog carnival. This is my first time hosting the carnival, and I am pleased to welcome readers to


There are plenty of reviews for you to check out this week, beginning with fiction selections:


Zohar was productive, with four reviews: Fire Monks by Colleen Morton Busch At the Devil’s Table by William C. Rempel, Centuries of June by Keith Donohue (Book Review & Giveaway) and  The Scarlet Pimpernel By Baroness Emmuska Orczy, all posted at Man of la Book

KerrieS posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE reviewed three books, starting with THE DIGGERS REST HOTEL, Geoffrey McGeachin , saying “For me, Geoff McGeachin has hit on a winner with this new series and I hope we see more of Charlie Berlin.” KerrieS also reviewed Review: ASHES TO WATER (The Lake Trilogy), Irene Ziegler, commenting that while it’s a ong book, it is “compelling reading.” Finally, she reviewed WRONGFUL DEATH, Robert Dugoni saying, “This title will probably appeal most to people who like Grisham-type legal thrillers or someone who is looking for a crime fiction title related to America’s recent war efforts in Iraq.”

Jim Murdoch presents Family and Friends by Anita Brookner posted at The Truth About Lies, saying, “Beginning with a wedding photograph, this story charts the loves and lives of a rich widow and her four children – the rakish Frederick, the reticent Mimi, the adventuress Betty and the pure and serious Alfred – living in London and their friends, following each of them through their own struggles, triumphs and sorrows. Anita Brookner is a social spectator who watches her characters and tells us nearly every detail of them and yet somehow manages to skirt over major issues, like the fact that the book runs concurrent with the Second World War and that the family are Jews. Despite its period setting a very relevant book.”

Clark Bjorke reviewed the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Gilead at I’ll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book!

Here at One Book Per Week, I reviewed Moira Young’s new young adult dystopian novelBlood Red Road. “Other books have tried and come close, but this one truly succeeds in being a novel where the girls are strong enough to rescue the boys, but not too proud to accept help. Most of the time.”

Also, I am catching up on reviews for the Song of Ice and Fire Series which I just started reading last month, and finally posted my review of A Storm of Swords. Perhaps my favourite book so far in the series “As the war continues, the reader is left to continually wonder just who are the good guys and the bad guys here anyway. All the major characters are tested. Some pass with flying colours, others fail miserably. And yet others do not survive.”

Lisa Hood presents The 10 Absolute Creepiest Moments in David Lynch’s Oeuvre at ZenCollegeLife.

Also in this Carnival: reviewed KOSALA at Book Reviews.

RateMeister presents The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo posted at RateMeister.

Jailan Marie presents Super Performance | The Daily Six posted at John Chappelear.

non fiction

Again from Jim Murdoch is a review of Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead (and other things I learned from famous people) by Neil Strauss posted at The Truth About Lies. “A miscellany of bits from interviews with rock stars mainly from the likes of Bo Diddley and Johnny Cash through Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen and Brian Wilson straight through to The White Stripes and Lady Gaga. Something for everyone. There are snippets from interviews with film stars and comedians (Billy Connolly, always a treat) and even something from Timothy Leary. A real mixed bag. Sometimes illuminating but more often these best-of-bits just confirm what we already knew.”

Alex Washoe at Books and Beasts presents his review of Jason Hribal’s  controversial new book “Fear of the Animal Planet” as The Rise and Fall of the Animal Planet saying, “Do animals in circuses and zoos consciously resist human oppression?

jammy467 presents Improving Your Search Engine Rankings With SEO And Backlinks posted at How To Increase Website Traffic.

World of Diets reviewed the Dukan Diet  an extremely popular weight loss book which recently hit North America.

David Gross reviewed Adam Smith’s “The Theory of Moral Sentiments”  at The Picket Line, “a book of evolutionary psychology written a century before Darwin’s Origin of Species (and the surprising context of Smith’s “invisible hand” quote).”

Sokun reviews The baseline level of happiness posted at

Parents and lover’s of children’s books may want to check out Amy Broadmoore’s review of 12 Children’s Books About Birds posted at Delightful Children’s Books.”Here are my 12 favorite picture books about birds! In addition, I recommend three fantastic websites for young birders (and their parents and teachers).”

Annette Berlin reviews Polymer Clay Mosaics By Krista Wells posted at Craft Stew, saying, “Polymer Clay Mosaics is one of my favorite craft books. The instructions are clear, the projects are innovative and the photos are a pleasure to look at.”




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