Help me choose exterior lighting?

There a sale on exterior lighting at Kent this week. Dave is away and has left me in charge. Since I can’t seem to make a decision, and have always wanted to try out WordPress’ poll feature, I am asking for your input.

I have decided on white. Considered bronzed, but with the current plan for deep blue siding and white trim, white lights seem best. But which white lights, I am not yet sure.


4 thoughts on “Help me choose exterior lighting?

  1. Don’t forget to check which bulb is easiest to change. Some of them are beauts, but real pickles to get down and out. All great choices!

  2. Was just going to say the same as Karen.
    All nice choices – go with the one that isn’t a pain to change. I need a screw driver to change mine. Big pain.

  3. I’m actually totally torn between the first two. I voted for the second (I like it’s styling just a little more), but the first one is nice, because if you have the option to use a CFL or energy efficient bulb, you won’t have to see it’s ugliness because of the frosting. That’s the problem we have with our (rather ugly) exterior light – it has really inefficient bulbs in it, with no good options for swapping ’em out.

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