The reonvations begin

Well, it’s more like demolition so far, really.

I’m going to post semi-regular progress updates here, for the sake of family and friends who aren’t here to see it, and any strangers who are just generally interested in renovations.


We own a 1 1/2 story post-war (1949) home. You probably know the kind. They are all over the city. All over the country really. Two bedrooms upstairs. Kitchen, dining room, bath, living room and another bedroom downstairs. All rooms separate and boxed-in, as old houses are. The plan is to open it up, by moving or removing a few walls. We’re changing the roof-line upstairs, to take advantage of currently unused floorspace. There will be an 8 x 11 addition onto the kitchen, for more workspace. And, since houses weren’t typically insulated in 1949 (aside from the odd bag of seaweed behind the plaster), and the wiring is helplessly out of date, we’re redoing all of that.

Or, in other words, we’re tearing it back to the framing and boards, and pretty much rebuilding. Fun. And scary. I hope to drop by tomorrow and get some pictures of it post-demolition, but for those of you who have never seen it, here are a few pre-demo photos:

Walking through the front door.

The living room. Fireplace to be rebuilt, with wood insert. Back wall (not shown) pushed back four feet.

Dining room, looking to kitchen (left) and living room (right). Right wall coming out, will be open to LR.

Kitchen. There will be an addition on the left. Back window to be replaced with one more than 3X that size, to make bright breakfast nook.

I’ll be back on the weekend with a few photos of what it looks like right now. They aren’t so pretty.

6 thoughts on “The reonvations begin

  1. thanks for doing this Natalie. We eagerly anticipate all the pictures and hope to be able to get down, likely in July to see the work in progress. It is scary but exciting too. Much to enjoy Mum H

  2. Those of you in town, drive by if you get a chance. Siding is off, revealing the barn-red cedar shingles underneath. I kinda like the look, Dave does not. But the house looks much smaller when so dark.

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