My Royal Wedding outfit is ready

Unless you are living under a rock, you know there’s a pretty big event tomorrow morning, and it has nothing to do with Canada’s 41st federal election.

While at first I was determined to ignore the Royal Wedding, I slowly found myself being sucked in. I’m not much of a monarchist, really. I don’t so much care that they are the future King and Queen. But the hats! The dresses! Be still my heart.

There is the annoying detail that they are getting married in London of all places. To watch and participate I will need to be up and dressed at an ungodly hour. But dressed I will be.

The classic navy dress is ready. The Dubai pearls are ready. Kate Spade bag is ready. And as of a few hours ago, my home-made wedding hat (more of a fascinator, really) is ready. Tomorrow at 7 am I dine in style at the Atlantica Hotel, and watch the nuptials. What if anything are you doing to mark the occasion?


4 thoughts on “My Royal Wedding outfit is ready

  1. Just love your hat and purse Natalie. I was all ready here. Had scones, strawberries and cream devon custard an off course english tea.

    Got out all my china dishes. We had a lovely breakfast, if not a tad early..

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