How and where did we get so much stuff?

Well, the house is about 90% packed. The only things left are the clothes, dishes and personal items we will need for the summer, and the few pieces of furniture we’ll be taking to the apartment, which is mostly furnished.

About two years ago, we went through this whole place, up and down, inside out, and got rid of everything we didn’t need, or that didn’t have an emotional value attached. We had a massive yard sale, and felt really good about getting rid of the clutter. Somewhere in the  back of my mind, I assumed that would make this whole packing process so much easier. EasiER, perhaps. Easy – not at all. Because like it or not, this house is filled with unnecessary “stuff.”

D and I actively try not to accumulate things, despite the fact that we each have our vices: mine being books and shoes (can books really be a vice? I could use the library more, I know) and D’s being computer games and gadgets. And yet, I am emptying out drawers full of unused placemats & table cloths, a ridiculous number of candles, bottle after bottle of heavily scented bath products I will never use (all gifts I can’t just throw out, but have no idea what to do with), more glasses than two people could possibly we use (in our defense, we entertain a lot, and have some clumsy guests), and all kinds of one-use only kitchen gadgets. For instance: an egg separator. Honestly, if you can’t separate an egg using your own two hands and the eggshell, you have no right to be in the kitchen in the first place.

Argh. End rant. Well, sort of. In honour of the four bags donated to the Diabetes Association, and the 3 large boxes we gave to the guy next door for his daily summer yard sale (he’s been out already a few times this year, starting early!) I am posting a video you may have already seen. If you haven’t, I encourage you to watch it. It’s a great message. One I should listen to more closely.

The Story of Stuff:


One thought on “How and where did we get so much stuff?

  1. Well, despite following all instructions, it appears I did not post the video, just a link to it. I’ll play with this. In the meantime, follow the link, watch the video on YouTube. Sorry.

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