General craziness

Wow it’s been busy. Luckily, I am a big fan of busy.

I was contacted in January by a resume company based in Ontario, wondering if I might do some contract writing for them to help with large institutional contracts they had coming up. After talking with the owner and reviewing contracts and convincing myself this was not a scam, I took the job. I am just finishing up the last few cover letters from my first assignment with them. I have never been so busy, but I am loving it.

My theory is that busyness doesn’t have to lead to stress, if it is in controlled doses. Yes I have been working my butt off for the last three weeks, but it’s been a fun challenge, with a nice financial reward, rather than a stressor. Now, if this was my everyday life, I’d burn out within a few months. But for a couple of weeks every few months, why not? We have some major expenses coming up, and I am still trying to convince D that the $3200 stove is a smart purchase. If I can earn some extra cash to put toward that stove, why not. Plus, working with another writer, on projects I just don’t get locally has been teaching me a lot.

Look for big changes with my own resume business in the coming weeks/months – including a great referral program.


Also on the money theme – there are 3 days left to help me win $1000 in the Credit Cards Canada blog contest. read my post about controlling your finances and saving money. Share it, like it, blog it or comment on it to help me win.


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