Not a resolution, but…

I just signed up for guitar lessons! I’ve had a guitar for three years now. I play around with it, teach myself a few things, then put it away long enough to forget everything I just learned. Then start the cycle again. I wouldn’t let myself sign up for lessons, as I was just to darn busy already.
But the Masters is done. I have dropped a number of obligations in order to relax and enjoy myself for a while. And so starting January 17, and for the following eight Mondays, I’m in a beginner guitar class.
Next goal: become a singer/songwriter sensation. (Just kidding. I am a terrible singer – and that’s not just me being modest. Besides, I have enough to do.)


2 thoughts on “Not a resolution, but…

  1. I don’t have resolutions either. I have a “Early January Statement of Good Intentions.”
    Good luck with the guitar. My guitar playing is much like my French: error-ridden and without variety, (also, I can’t play in the future conditional tense) but it serves my purposes.

  2. great news Natalie. so you can play and we will get Marco to join you and those of us who can sing, including your hubby, can singalong! and Dad can carry the bucket(the only place he can carry a tune!)

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