The holiday dreads

my Christmas tree, finally decoratedI can’t be the only one this happens to. The holidays are coming. You plan dinners. You invite guests. You RSVP to every dinner party you can possibly squeeze into your schedule. And then one more. You buy a new dress, and a new pair of shoes (or two, for good measure).

Then you sit back and … panic. Agh! I said I would do what? When? Oh dear. This is not good. “He’s gonna want to talk about … ” “She’s going to want to do … ” “I’m gonna have to… ”

Suddenly all I want to do is curl up at home under a blanket with a rum and eggnog and a good book and ignore the telephone and doorbell.

OK, so this is really only sort of true. You see, I have always teetered somewhere between introvert and extrovert. The extrovert side has gained strength over the past few years, for sure, but her introverted sister is still in there. And she panics. A lot. Which leads to insomnia, and digestive issues. I love her. I really do. But she causes problems.

But yet, I know that this is mostly a figment of my own imagination. The guests will arrive, the parties will be attended, and I will love every minute of it. In fact, in the midst of this weeks panic, I decided we should really host a New Year’s Eve party. Because it is so nice to have a house filled with our family and friends. I can’t explain the dichotomy. I have just become accustomed to living with it.

And now, having written that, I already feel better. And you all know that I am not as well-adjusted as I pretend to be. Merry Christmas, and pass the eggnog.


5 thoughts on “The holiday dreads

  1. Well said! I, too, could do without all the hustle and bustle. I’d prefer a blanket, book/movie and a drink over any function. However, that said, I enjoy every minute of the hustle and bustle when it’s happening. Hmmm.

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