Oh, the love

There are no words. None that do it justice. Six weeks of giving all my time and energy and creativity to such lovely girls, in return for their gratitude and love. Now it is over. I am home, much to the pleasure of my friends and family who welcomed me enthusiastically.

But as happy as I am to be here I do miss the girls terribly. I had carved a niche for myself at the school: teacher, tutor, drama coach, and friend. It is hard to leave that behind. I have been feeling lost in my own home. I know it won’t last, and within a few days I’ll be back in a groove again, like I never missed a beat.

Till then, I am spending much time in quiet reflection, trying to determine what it is I learned while away, what I will carry with me as I go forward. As I figure it out, I will share some of it with you here, but I suspect I will also keep some of it to myself.


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