2 Canadians + 1 small island = Confusion

That’s Seychelles math.

I have no idea where to start. I am in the Seychelles. That is enough right there. I’m in a tropical paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean with my long lost husband. This makes me happy in ways I can’t (or perhaps won’t) even explain.

It is remarkably beautiful here. Everything is so lush and green. It was raining when we landed, but honestly it was such a soft warm rain we didn’t even care. It was like we weren’t even getting wet. Our room is lovely. Built right into the side of the mountain,there is a large rock protruding into the bathroom and bedroom wall – they literally just built around it. Beau Vallon beach, the island’s most popular, is just across the road.

Because of the rain. we rented a car and spent our first day driving around the island. Or perhaps I should say, our first few hours. We Canadians are incapable of looking at a map without equating centimetres – even millimetres – with kilometers. We still thought we were driving down the east coast, when we suddenly found ourselves back where we started. No wonder the signs weren’t making sense. But since we still had plenty of time left, we made another loop, and checked it out in detail.

Last night between supper and patio beers, we went for a starlight swim and some stargazing. The stars are in the wrong places. It is so n. I have never been in the southern hemisphere before. The big dipper is all inside out and backwards. Odd. Just odd.

We tried to hike up Mont Blanc today – the second highest point on the island. Naturally D. wants to go to the highest point but it is complicated. Something about sheer granite facings and quicksand and needing a guide and applying to the internal ministry of something or other… so second highest it is. Or hopefully will be. Lovely as the morning was when we left, by the time we got to the tea factory (more on that later) to start our climb, it was pouring. No point climbing to the top of the mountain if it is shrouded in cloud and you can’t see anything anyway.

So we stopped in at the tea factory. Did you know that the Seychelles is a major tea exporter? (Cheryl, I am talking to you.) Well, it is. We sat in the tea room. I sampled the cinnamon while Dave opted for vanilla. Lovely. I will bring some back with me.

Then, since it was rainy at 900m but not at sea level, we got back in the rental car and searched out a tiny secluded beach recommended by our Lonely Planet Guide. After a few scary turns and a road that made the highlands of Scotland look like the Autobahn, we got to Anse Soleil. It was breathtaking. Lovely swim, and I think the first sunburn of the vacation.

More later. I am off to supper, and then the beach. (later might be days. Internet is scarce here. And I’d rather be swimming.)


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