Eat. Bicker. Love.

Tomorrow my crazy journey begins. I am trying hard not be be a huge mess of nerves and anxiety. Somewhere underneath that is excitement, must find it and embrace it.

So at the request of many, I will do my best to keep you updated on all our adventures through this site. It may occasionally be vague on details, and I will try to avoid using names and identifiers, because if you know my husband, you know how he feels about privacy and the internet. Regardless, you can read our stories and see our pictures.*

I catch my first plane tomorrow at 12:30. At 9:05 pm the following day, Dave will meet me at the airport in destination #1. So exiting. Me & my husband. In the same country. AT THE SAME TIME. Unfathomable.

Inspired by my friend Rawlsy, I have picked up some out-of-character airplane reading: a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat. Pray. Love. I hope I don’t come to regret this. It is not my usual read, and I have a long flight ahead of me. But I can no longer poke fun at the book without having first read it.

You see, when Rawlsy first heard about my trip (and after nearly spitting out her fair-trade coffee all over her organic eggs & ash browns) she prophetically exclaimed “Its like that Eat Pray Love book, but for normal people.” Which of course set off weeks and weeks of planning and scheming for how I would turn my nine week trip into an international best seller and one day have Julia Roberts portray me in a blockbuster movie. [Um, can we substitute Maggie Gyllenhaal for Ms. Roberts, please and thank you?] Strangely, whenever she mentions it, she swaps the word ‘bicker’ in for ‘pray.’ I’m not sure what she’s trying to imply. I am remarkably easy to get along with.

*A side not to the aunties, co-workers and others who before now may have known me as a more professional or mannerly individual. This is a fun space. I am far from crude, but my writing is not always… polite. If you are easily offended, consider yourself warned. [Of course, if you are typically the offender, you may find me a little bland.]


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