The merger

Just merged my old (and mostly abandoned) blog with this new one. Not 100% sure that was a good idea, as they involve two different themes. I use the word theme lightly, as they both started with themes, and then evolved.

Generally, I don’t blog for fame or fortune. I find it an easy way to keep family, friends and classmates up to date on my life. Like a mass email, but less intrusive. Plus there are a few of you who seem to enjoy this, so why would I stop and risk disappointing my 2.73 fans (approximate average readership per post*).

In the process of merging, I reread a lot of my earlier posts. I started blogging as a reflectionary tool when I started my Masters, back in the Fall of 2006. Four years later, still a student, I am amused by my determination to complete in two years or less, not to mention the many changes in research focus I went through. No wonder I haven’t finished the darn thing. But I am way, way closer now than I was six month ago. Soon, I tell you. Soon, you will all call me Master.

*OK, so I totally made that up. It is about right, maybe a bit low, but the problem with merging blogs from two sources is I would have to do the math myself to get to that average, and I do enough math on a daily basis that I just don’t feel up to it right now. Sorry.


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