Where I am now – finally a tally

I am so happy to report that I am more than 1/3 of the way to my savings goal!

The official tally, as of March 9, is $2,056 saved. Much of this ($700) came from renting space in the house with my husband away. Some from my automatic savings plans. But the big surprise is that more of it came from additional earnings. I didn’t realize I had made so much in resume writing this past while, but I am pleased to see I have. Makes the hard work and late nights seem so worthwhile!(Some of it was actually earned in the last few months of 2009, but still sitting in my business accounts while I decided what to do with it. But still, I’m impressed.)

Now, to complicate issues – we have decided not to keep my earnings separate. With a line of credit also needing to be paid down, that was just silly. Why pay interest on one loan, and keep a stash of cash somewhere else? So instead everything I “save” goes to the LOC, and I keep a tally in a spreadsheet, which will be my budget when planning my trip. It will have to come back of the LOC when I leave, but at least in the meantime we save on interest expenses.

Also complicating issues is that we still don’t have firm dates from my husband’s employer. The longer we wait, the more expensive our travel arrangements become. Which might mean the $5,000 won’t do it. Cross your fingers for me, that we hear something soon.


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