Some more pluses and minuses

So, resume writing has taken off. Been rather busy, which is great. A few hundred extra dollars to stash away – I did spend some money on advertising, but it was certainly worth it.

And – I have a new roommate. Sunday evening a friend’s friend will be taking over the spare room. Not yet sure how long she will stay, as she is waiting on job news that could take her out of the city, but I will have rental income for a couple months anyway. Then come May I have a more permanent roommate starting. An old co-worker and very good friend is moving in from May to October. We’ll be roomies for a bit, plus she’ll be here to house-sit when I am away.

Plus and plus.

But there are some minuses as mentioned in the title. I’m in Atlanta right now, for meetings. Did some serious shopping. Some great stuff. A new suit. A few blouses. Shoes. All stuff I will wear again and again for work and otherwise.

Did I need any of it… not really. Must get better at resisting the impulse if I am ever to reach my $5000 goal.

I am still waiting for a few payments to transfer & settle, but will update on my savings progress soon.


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