Unexpected Expenses

Just back from the VON’s Travel Medicine Clinic. Got my first Twinrix shot (Hep A & B) and a DPT (diphtheria, something, something) shot. Delayed getting a few other “live” vaccines as I don’t want to deal with the side-effects when I am about to enter a 6 hour marathon workout fundraiser.

Today’s cost was reasonable at $145. Next week will be the same. But I have a decision to make.

They recommend people be vaccinated against Rabies before going to Tanzania. particularly if you will be spending significant time outdoors – camping or hiking. I think our 8 day tenting safari qualifies, not to mention any hiking we will do elsewhere. But the vaccination is not cheap. It requires a series of 3 shots, at $250 each. Ouch.

Would you pay $750 to protect yourself from Rabies? Or just try to be smart and not get bitten by “bats, carnivores or other mammals?”


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