OK, so the ads were placed, and I sat back and waited. I have two new clients booked and paid, and two others in the works. All told I should be able to stash away at least $400 for the month of January. Maybe more. I will update soon.

I’ve spent the past week researching flights and costs for the vacation part of our trip, as well as volunteer options for the rest of the summer. I think I can save us a couple thousand dollars off our original cost projections, which is also very good. By rearranging our entry & exit points, we can get a much better deal on flights. I also picked up the Lonely Planet guides to the Seychelles and Tanzania, and with their help we can do much better on accommodation costs, too. Every little bit counts. I’m not saving five grand just to waste it on unnecessary expenses.

Nest choice is how and where to volunteer. I’m not interested in the “pay us to volunteer” set ups, as most are money making scams. But as a newcomer I do need someone to help me locate the best place to donate my time. I’ve been reading about organizations who will do this for a very low cost, and hostels with good community links. More on this in another post – when I know a little more.


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