Making More Money

So, I have some passive, pay-myself-first saving strategies in place. They are a great start, but to reach my goal there’s a lot more needing done. So I have spent the last while organizing myself to make more money.
I have a side business writing resumes. Business is relatively steady, with 2-5 customers a month. That’s pretty much all I can handle with a full time job and school work on my plate as well.
Over the holidays, business naturally slowed to a a mere trickle. I finished up with my last client about two weeks before Christmas. So last week I got back online and started marketing again. I placed my ads on Kijiji, the Coast online, and Facebook. Yes, folks, I am spending money, to make money, so I can save money.
So far so good. I have 2 new clients confirmed, and another two to meet in the coming days. I’ve already earned back double what I spent on ads. It’s true what they say – you have to spend money to make money.
About to deposit $200 in my savings account!


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