Prague, the Tatras & Eger

Been away from internet for a while, but for good reason. I can’t believe we have to go home in a few days. Where did the time go? My last update was from Prague, our first morning. We spent our first day there on a 6 hour “Ultimate tour” of the city, which was a great way to start. Saw all the sights, and lots of insider tips on what to see and what to avoid. It is such a beautiful city. The only downside were the crowds, and we weren’t even there in peak season. By the end of the four days I was sick to death of Charles Bridge and the crowds that always covered it.
We took a half day side trip to Kutna Hora, southwest of Prague, to see among other things, the Sedlec Ossuary, or Bone Church. The Ossuary is decorated with the bones of no fewer that 40,000 people, most of them plague victims, in an odd mix of mass grave and monument.
Speaking of the plague, it is interesting to see that every town, even the small towns, have plague columns to mark the dead from the various outbreaks of plague that hit Europe. Some are simple, others very elaborate.From Prague, we took an overnight train to the High Tatras, a mountain range in northern Slovakia. Beautiful area, but overall, we didn’t enjoy this as much. It is a resort area, and everyone was very snooty. No smiles or welcomes, and no attempt to help out the two Canadians desperately trying out our few words of Slovak. Oh well. We left a day early and came to Eger instead.
And Eger is where I am right now. A beautiful Baroque town in Hungary, famous for its Bull’s Blood or Bikaver wines. Just a 15 minute walk from our apartment is “The Valley of Beautiful Women” where local winemakers set up shop and you can wander through and taste to your heart1s content. Tasting is free, and you can buy a glass from as little as 325 Ft (less than $2). We drank a lot of very good red wine last night. And plan to do more of the smae tonight and tomorrow. Saturday we go back to Budapest by train, and Sunday we fly home. But I won’t think about that right now.We’re trying to upload photos for everyone, but the USB ports aren’t cooperating. It might happen, if not I’ll do it Monday.
Again, apologies for the typos… the keys are moved, and I don’t want to spend the time and $$ proofreading.


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