Vienna has been beautiful so far. The weather is incredible I was worried about being overly optimistic when I packed my summer clothes – as it turns out I didn’t pack enough of them. It’s been at or above 30 the past two days, and looks like it will stay that way.
I am back on track in the accomodation hunting. We are staying at the “Happy Hostel” which sounds very cheesy, but we have a very nice apartment for our three day stay. We were both blown away by it. I thought I booked a double room with private bath, and we got so much more. So we hit the local supermarket and have been eating well, and cheaply.
What have we sone so far… Schloß Schönbrunn ( was our first stop. The Hapsburgs summer palace. Cause, you know, the Hofburg is just so small and stuffy. Beautiful. I could use a summer cottage like that.Then we walked around our neighbourhood, and down the the Ringstraße, where we took a tram all around the old city centre. D. has been having fun using his “Arnold” voice to read all the German signs, and pretend he knows what they mean. Every now and then he throws in a Terminator quote.Today was a bit of an organizing day – changing currencies for the next few stops and checking train schedules, etc. We did spend the afternoon exploring more of the Old Town, and around, but not in, the Hofburg.

Next, we took a tram to the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) to visit the grave of Beethoven. Strauss and Brahms and many other famous composers were there as well, but Beethoven was the reason for the trip. I had been hoping to catch a concert featuring his music while we were here, but it isn’t going to happen. We will see a recital tomorrow featuring Mozart and Strauss, who seem to be the city’s favourite sons. While I enjoy their music and I am loooking forward to the concert, I am disappointed about the Beethoven thing. His music is so much more passionate. Reminds me of the nights Rash, Reeve, Shar and I spent listening to him, in the dark, having one of our many fabulous conversations in the old apartment on Monastery Lane.

Mozart, mind you, is all over the place here. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of people, men and women, in Mozart wigs and costumes, trying to sell you tickets to the touristy shows. We’re hoping to get to a “real” concert, rather than a “everyone in period costume” schtick, but honestly we’ll take what we can get for the best price. Good tickets atart at $60 a piece, but you can luck into last minute discounts.
Tonight we will probably head to the Plater, an amusement park not too far away, whose ferris wheel gives a great view of the city at night (without the high prices of the London Eye). We also might just hang out at the pub around the corner. So far, all the beer we have sampled has been excellent.Tomorrow is a bike tour of the city, some chopping, and probably the odd pub or two. Lots of fun.Still haven’t found a place to upload photos, but we will eventually. Miss you all.


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