Just added a new reader, and since I’m here I figure I ought to post something.
Tomorrow I am off to an unnamed rural Nova Scotia town to facilitate a Source Water Protection Committee meeting. This is a group that has failed to work together before, resulting in a partially completed water protection plan. To say they don’t like each other is a gross understatement. As with all things in rural NS, the discontentment runs deep. I’m sure it has way more to do with whose great-grandfather got a better land grant than anything to do with the water strategy.
So I am to be there as a neutral facilitator. I have to work with 10-12 men, average age 55 years, to acknowledge their reservations and communicate their expectations of the process. I have to do with without looking like the little girl I will immediately feel like when I enter the room. High heeled shoes are going to be a must, I think. Try to look more than 5 feet tall. Project power. Demand respect. Then hand out the coloured paper and markers. That’ll work, right?
Believe it or not, I volunteered for this.
If my thesis is going to revolve around water issues in rural vs. urban communities, there is no better place to start, right? Wish me luck.


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