Never give up

School work is still somewhat stalled. Work work is just to crazy. However, I may have a solution to that. I am going to merge the two. I am working on a summer project that will fulfil my need for more information at work AND serve as my thesis project.
It will mean a change in focus, which I have been slowly realizing is necessary. I still love the idea of the cultural behavioural analysis, but it is beyond the scope of this thesis. Maybe, someday when I do my doctorate (I refuse to write “if”), I will revisit. I’m still reading whatever I can find on the subject, as it fascinates me.
I am keeping the “sense of place” theme, and will look at the idea of how people in different regions or from different backgrounds feel about and behave in terms of water issues. That’s as concrete as I’ve got. I may look at the difference between urban/rural communities in Nova Scotia – are there concerns about water quality, watershed protection, etc. and how do they differ? A colleague has given me a copy of “Community Culture and the Environment: A guide to understanding sense of place.” which I will read over the weekend. I hope. Among all the other things I am supposed to do.
Sunday is Earth Day. I’m attending Clean Nova Scotia’s cleanup event, and trying to coordinate getting the Minister there. He was coming, he was going to be late, he wasn’t coming, and now he’s coming again. If he’s not there by 12:15 I am to call him. But they haven’t given me his cell phone number yet, so I’m not sure how I am to accomplish that. The politics of these sort of “appearances” never ceases to amuse me. The media has little or no interest unless someone notable is present.
At least I like this Minister, and he is sincere about wanting to be there. We aren’t always so lucky.
Time to get a bite to eat. Still have the bad habit of forgetting to eat when I get really busy.


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