Twenty-nine fabulous years

Celebrated my 29th birthday last night with friends at the “In the Dead of Winter” music festival. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a better birthday celebration. Could only have been improved if D. had been with me.
We took in some great music, and at the end of the night I had two new CDs and a list of others I really want. Bob Wiseman was better than I expected. I will have to see more of his work. I talked to him briefly between acts, and he makes films as well, and hopes to make one at his Saturday night show. I however, am going to the Jill Barber show that night, so will miss it. Too bad.
Also, Neil Conway, a self described “gangster rapper” from Newfoundland was also fantastic. He sang a song about cars and pollution that was very funny, especially to the group of environmental activists we had at our three tables. Very fitting. C. bought me his CD as a birthday present. I will listen to it as soon as I finish listening to Bob Wiseman.
Starting to make progress on school work. (that’s what this whole blog thing is really supposed to be about, right?) I will have to do more reading tonight when I get home, while Tasha is still at work. So hard to focus lately, but I think I may have found an angle that easily ties in the cultural values, “sense of place” ideas I have to the environmental education aspect that work is paying for. More on that another time.


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