New Year, another try

Well it has been ages, hasn’t it. I got a little off track over Christmas and with D. going away again, and almost gave up altogether. I do that far too often.
I got “a little off track” on just about everything over Christmas. Work went nuts. Personal/social life went nuts. Tried to spend as much time with D. as possible before he left, and he had all kinds of people he wanted to spend time with and things he wanted to do one more time. So school and all things related were completely forgotten. Only the occasional twinge of guilt reminded me I am supposed to be a busy, diligent Masters student. Oops.
I hope I am back on track now. I met with K. on the weekend for tea and conversation. We shared ideas, and updates. Generally reaffirmed our goals set back in November. Plus last night I went to my first Gaelic Immersion class and loved it. From here on in, I must do something every night. An hour a night shouldn’t be too hard, right? We’ll see. If I want to finish this thing in two years, it’s really the only way.


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