Christmas Cats

Less than a week till Christmas. At least we are getting a light dusting of snow this morning. Might make me feel more festive. It’s hard to feel Christmas-y when the weather has been so ridiculously warm.
We spent the weekend with the in-laws. Had Christmas dinner, exchanged gifts, and went to a hockey game. Doesn’t get much better. (We won’t talk about the idiot who sat in front of us at the game, taunting the other team’s players and coach. Life is much more pleasant if I pretend he does not exist.)
Biggest surprise of the weekend was getting a new acoustic guitar from D’s parents. That blew me away. I had mentioned the idea to him months ago, but when we were able to arrange borrowing his Mum’s old guitar I figured that was all I needed. Now I have my very own Yamaha acoustic, with all the accessories.
They also bought me a beautiful green cashmere sweater, which Haggis (scroll down, the wee bugger’s picture is here somewhere…) has eaten a hole through the sleeve already! Who knew cats ate cashmere! Look at me – I’m frustrated to the point that I’m using exclamation marks! I hate exclamation marks! I should google “cats” “eat” and “cashmere” to see if this is common, or just his latest annoying idea.
If he wasn’t so darn furry and cuddly and cute I’d be getting rid of him. As it is, I have scheduled his big surgery. Perhaps having his balls removed will cure his taste for expensive sweaters. Six years ago it was M’eudhal attacking my NEW red leather boots. Now this. Cat owners aren’t allowed to have expensive taste, apparently.


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