Always save your drafts!

Ugh. After nearly a month away from this blog, I finally come back, write a nice update making numerous excuses for why I have been neglecting my writing, and then hit the wrong button and lose it all. This is my life lately. This is why I haven’t posted since the 20th of November.

But to sum up quickly: I finished the Foundations Institute at St. FX. It was wonderful. I learned so much, and I am ready to read and research and change the world. In two to five years. Two preferably. I’m still formulating my thesis question, but I know I am going to be looking at the use of traditional and cultural knowledge in inspiring environmental stewardship, and that I want to look at Gaelic traditional knowledge. It has made for some very interesting reading. So much of the traditional culture of the Gaels has been forgotten. My goal will be to remind Gaelic Nova Scotians (and anyone else I can reach) where we come from and who we once were, before our assimilation into modern Western culture. I’ll have to parse that down somewhat, as it’s a rather big job for two to five years.

I attended a day long Gaelic Immersion class Saturday to get myself back into the Gaelic Language world. I was surprised at how much I did remember, and not at all surprised at how much there still is to learn.

I also spent 3.5 days in New Brunswick last week, attending training on “Planning for Effective Public Participation.” What a good little public servant I have become. It was actually a lot more interesting than it might sound, and out trainers were a lot of fun. The location was fabulous. We were at the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, an interpretive centre in the Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area. It is a “green building” complete with solar panels, composting toilets, geothermal heating and more. Check it out at

D. and I are already planning a trip to the area in the summer. We can hit Parley Beach, and PEI, plus the hiking trails in the wilderness area. We’ll stay at the Little Shemogue Country Inn (many of my colleagues at the training centre stayed there, I wasn’t so lucky). A gorgeous farmhouse from the 1840s, plus new modern chalet on the same property. And the food was phenomenal. The innkeeper smoked some salmon for us for our appetizer. Mmmm.

I’ll do my best to provide more regular updates from here on in. In the meantime, enjoy a couple of pictures from Cape Jourimain. Mar sin leibh an dràsda.


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