Busy days

Day 1. Week 2. Masters of Adult Education. Community Development stream. Feeling overloaded.
Today I facilitated a discussion on “Communicating for Community Renewal.” The general idea was that rather than approaching economically depressed communities with the idea of retraining the citizens for the workforce, we should be educating the people through art, theatre, literature and debate to encourage personal growth, which will fuel self-started community renewal. The stuff theses are made of, n’estce pas?
I visited Margaree on the weekend, and took Amy, a fellow student along with me. She is from Crows Nest Pass in Alberta and despite travelling many more exotic places, had never been “out east” before. So we went on a nice drive through Cheticamp and the Highlands to Pleasant Bay, then back to Margaree and Dunvegan. I love showing people around my home.
Then we were back to Antigonish for a fantastic Indian feast. Organized by Carla, cooked by Jaya and Jyotsana and the ladies from SEWA. We all pitched in and bought the groceries and helped with the cooking. I was rolling out dough for the poori (fried flat-bread) with a chopstick, because we didn’t have a rolling pin. Not an easy job, but I made it work.
Along with the poori we had poppadom (crispy, bread-like potato-chip like) and vegetable curry they gave a name I won’t even try to spell. There was rice with green lentils, served with a curry sauce. Then dessert, made with much butter and sugar and flour, and with chopped almonds. Very rich, only a small spoonful was needed. We all ate way too much. The kitchen was full and we had a fabulous time. All occupants of the International house were present, including us Canadians, the Indians, a gentleman from Nepal, a man from Bangladesh and two women from Ghana.
I think I am learning just as much or more from living in this residence than I am in class and through my readings.


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