Memory Lane

So the yoga classes I was so excited about are not actually included in our gym membership. I can pay for them if I want to, but probably won’t. I took a walk instead. It was an interesting trip down Memory Lane.
It’s been 19 years since I lived in Antigonish. Surprisingly little has changed, but there were some noted absences and additions. First of course being the new Sears building just near the entrance to town, and across from our residence building (we’re staying in the Coady International House on the corner of West and James). Then there are the numerous new buildings on the St. FX campus. I walked down West Street to Main. Past the campus, over the bridge. Past the Wheel pizzeria. I couldn’t help but wonder if the pizza is still really good. They’re still open – that has to say something.
Then crossed onto Main Street, and walked the main drag. I remember how often we begged Mom and Dad to be allowed to go “downtown” with our friends to go shopping on Main Street. We were 9 and 10 years old. I think by the end of our year here they did let us go once. They dropped us off and picked us up maybe two hours later. At the Wheel if I remember correctly.
The 5c to a Dollar Store is still there. And the Pace Setter, and D.D. MacDonald’s. I saw that one and started singing the old radio jingle. Memories are strange things.
Sadly there is no more Curiosity Shoppe, my old favourite. Another victim of the Wal-Mart phenomenon.
I turned up by the Credit Union, and past “the Pub.” Its had many incarnations over the years, but has always been known as “the Pub.” I walked by St Ninian’s Cathedral, where I said my First Confession. I was nine. What does a nine-year old have to confess anyway? I must have come up with something, because I remember my penance was three Hail Mary’s. Then I was back on West Street and headed to my temporary home at Coady.
Nothing much else, except the group of teenagers parked across from campus playing loud music, and the guy in the helmet and safety vest who was dancing provocatively in the headlights. He didn’t see me till I was almost on top of him, and could no longer hide my laughter. I’m not even sure if he was drunk or just being an idiot. But he made me smile either way. I remember being a small town kid with no better was to amuse myself, too.
So now I’m back in my room, drinking a glass of Masi Valpolicella and listening to Matt Mays. (Thank you Adam. I could have gone 3 weeks without Matt if I had too, but I’m happy to have him with me.)
There’s a delicious smell of curry lingering in the air from the supper made earlier by some of the Indian Students. There are 4 women here from an NGO in India that works to encourage women’s self-employment in the poorest areas of the country. (I’m becoming more and more fascinated by Micro-finance and micro-credit as days go on. The irony being I missed the Global Microcredit Summit in Halifax this weekend to be here.) They have invited us to join them in a traditional supper and dancing Sunday evening. Should be fabulous.


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