Life as an academic

So I am officially a grad student. I hadn’t really thought about that part. We had our library tour today, and the reference librarian said “As grad students you can borrow books for 8 weeks, as opposed to 3 weeks.” I did a double take. She was talking to me. I am a grad student. I think I like the ring of that.
This was day one of the Foundations Institute. We met our advisers at the orientation/wine and cheese last night, but today we started the work. Goal statements. Learning journeys. Review of assignments. I now know what an annotated bibliography is, and it doesn’t look like a lot of fun.
On the other hand, I love the way this program is organised. I am so glad I am here and not at the Mount. Self-led, self-paced, and community focused. This is where I belong.
There are 14 of us, and only one male. Benard is from Kenya, and seems to be enjoying working with 13 ladies. There’s always a smile on his face. Naleema, whose name I am sure I am misspelling, is from India. The rest of us are from across Canada, though three are Canadians who work abroad (Guatemala and Ethiopia, and London). Two Albertans. Two (I think?) from Ontario. One lady from Moncton. And Nova Scotians of course. Makes for some interesting conversations.


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