Quiet time today

Dinner with the girls was fun. Great food, lots of wine. And fantastic conversation. What more do you need? I think we’re going to do it again Saturday night.
D. called near midnight. He had a few spare minutes and was hiding in a swamp with the cell phone. I’m fairly certain that’s against the rules. What a nut. It was nice to hear from him and find out how he’s doing – although he sounded so worn out I’d almost rather not know. I was imagining hm being worked hard of course, but somehow not being tired or frustrated. Now I’m more likely to worry about him.
Spent today working from home. That’s the problem with my body – I never know how food or wine (especially wine) will affect it. I used to know exactly what my limits were, but no more. This morning it was not happy with me. I wasn’t sick so much as my stomach seemed to be protesting the night before. I think it worked well though. Every now and then a day working from my couch is very helpful. No phone ringing. Only the people who need to know can find you, and they usually don’t. It’s a great time for reading or research, or for revising documents, which I did today. I was finally able to devote my full attention to something that had been eluding me for weeks. I’m much happier with it now.


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