Whiskey and Rootbeer floats

Well we got the snow I hoped for. Then it turned to a cold wet rain and we never actually saw any white on the ground. Hope D. isn’t too cold in the woods. Poor sucker. I mean that in the nicest way.
Drinking a whisky and rootbeer. I must say I wasn’t sure about this one when Tash mentioned it, but it’s actually good. I can’t imagine drinking a lot of it, but fun for now and then. I’m tempted to add some vanilla ice cream. (I bet A&W could make a fortune off whiskey and rootbeer floats).
Tomorrow night we’re having A. over for dinner and drinks. We’ve been meaning to do that all fall, but between our obsession with “Six Feet Under” eating up our evenings, and being away at White Point for a week, it just never happened. Now, less than a week before I leave for Anigonish we’re finally getting it done. Should be a lot of fun. Plus I have a one hour massage right after work. All in all it will be a relaxing evening. And not one ounce of preparation for school in the mix. Sigh.


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