Random Musings

52 minutes till I get my massage. What am I going to do when L. moves away? I like having a massage therapist who is also my friend. I’ve been to a few others before I met L., but I’ve never been able to get totally comfortable with them. I just don’t like the thought of a stranger touching me. Even if I am paying them to do it. Um, especially if I’m paying them to do it. This will be my “de-stress before you go to Antigonish” massage. I have my “De-stress when you get back from Antigonish” massage already booked for the first week in December.
Started reading “Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach” at lunch today. This might be the only book on my advance reading list that actually interests me. It made me feel much better when P. (my manager) told me he never read any of the books on the advance list. He still finished the program. Mind you, it took him five years and I hope to do it in two.
I’m still intrigued by Environmental Economics. I recently read a great paper on the subject that was put together a few years back by Environment Canada for the Atlantic Coastal Action Programme (ACAP). Don’t worry. I’ll spare you the details.
My “learning contract” was approved today. So work is officially paying for my Masters Degree. There are various requirements on my part of course, but I am happy to oblige so long as I don’t have to go thousands of dollars further in debt.


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