“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

Had a nice weekend. Relaxing. I’ve almost finished knitting Tasha’s scarf. Then I can start the two I hope to have done by Christmas! (We’ll see what happens. I make no promises.)
I spent Saturday at a “Tax Shifting and Environmental Economics” workshop hosted by the Green Party. Despite what I’m sure you’re all thinking, it was very interesting. We discussed the idea of switching taxes away from things like employment and investment and moving them to things like pollution and consumption. We debated the world’s current obsession with growth economies – considering of course that they don’t seem to be solving our problems and recent studies show that growth does not lead to happiness.
Lunch did not agree with me yesterday, so instead of heading off to a party with a friend as I had planned, I stayed home with Tash, watched movies and went to bed early. We rented “The Notorious Betty Page” and “Shop Girl,” both of which I enjoyed. We also rented “Slither” specifically to watch Corb Lund in the bar scene. Embarrassing, I know.
Today we continued in a family November tradition – made a pot of tea, sat on the couch with our knitting and assorted work, and turned on the Christmas music. Growing up, Mom always brought it out November 1st. As soon as Halloween was over, Christmas had begun. Well, at least the music was allowed. Decorations and all the rest had to wait till December. It used to drive Dad crazy. Almost as much as it now drives Dave crazy. But the music is so beautiful, it just wouldn’t be fair to restrict it to only one month of the year. So today at 11 am the Barra MacNeils Christmas album went into the CD player. Followed by Bing Crosby. Followed by Kenny and Dolly. Ahhh. Now for just a little snow. Not much, but enough to cover the yard and look pretty.
One week left before I am off to Antigonish to start my Masters. I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming. There’s so much to do before I leave. And on that note I am off to finish that scarf.


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