The fad diet

A few days ago a friend showed me this diet plan she found where apparently you lose up to ten pounds in three days. I think it’s called the 3-day diet. not overly creative, but easy to remember. Now I have gone entirely without food for longer than that (NOT by choice, mind you, but various medical reasons) and never lost close to that much weight. But I looked at the menu, and it seemed so easy. I have a few pounds I’ve been wanting to lose, and I figure I’ve been to enough dietitians in my life to have a general idea of what is healthy and what isn’t, so I decided to try it. I doubted I’d lose 10 pounds, but even 5, heck even 2 would be a start.
So for the past 2 1/2 days, for the first time in my life, I’ve been on a diet. Grand total weight loss, with only hours to go: 0 lbs. Not a pound. Not even half a pound.
Admittedly, I didn’t follow it exactly, but I thought my substitutions were reasonable enough. I can’t eat apples, so when it called for an apple I ate a banana. For supper last night it called for 2 hot dogs (believe it or not) so I had another portion of the lean beef I ate the night before. Not a big deal (and presumably better for me).
What I also didn’t do was drink the black tea or coffee it had listed with each meal. I figured that was a suggestion, or a reminder to dieter that if they want their tea or coffee it had to be black. No milk, no cream. Not being a fan of either, I drank green tea, or herbal tea instead. Apparently though (I just looked this diet up online) and the tea and coffee are the key. They work as diuretics to flush the water out of your system. You lose weight in water, not fat. To be expected in a short term diet.
The kicker is, as someone with a “compromised” digestive system, I am pretty much always bordering on de-hydration. I don’t have water to lose – just fat thank you very much. So no quick weight loss solution for me. I hate feeling like a sucker.
I have one meal left in my three days, and I’m still debating whether or not to stick to the menu… I don’t expect to lose weight instantly overnight, but if I stop now, I’ll never be able to fully debate the diet with any believers, because I gave up before the three days was over. Then again, I also modified the meals, so I’ll never really be able to debate the point with a true believer anyway.
Lesson learned. I’ll stick to my elliptical trainer and yoga classes. I’m not in a rush.


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