In the bag

So I dropped Tash off at Neptune tonight then took her car to run a few errands (I miss my little Mazda!). Went to Sobeys to pick up some things for our book club meeting tomorrow night. They were selling “Reusable Enviro Bags” at the cash – nice ones, and only $1.99. So I told the cashier I’d like one.
“OK,” she says, and proceeds to load my groceries into a plastic bag.
“Um, no, can I have one of the reusable bags, please,” I persisted.
“Oh, yeah. Just grab one of the rack there and I’ll put it with your stuff.”
Am I the only one who sees the disconnect here? Did Sobeys bother to tell their staff what the “Reusable Enviro Bags” were for? So as nicely as I could, I told her I’d much rather put my groceries into the reusable bag I was buying and skip the plastic bag thank-you-very-much. She obliged, but looked very confused.
But at least I have a new snazzy shopping bag to go with some of the ratty old canvas ones lying around. Now, once I get my Mazda back, I’ll have to start keeping the bags in the trunk. I have a couple already, but almost always end up stopping for groceries on my way home from somewhere else and not having them with me. Can’t teach others to do what I don’t do myself, now can I?


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