At long last

So I’m finally writing my first post. I’ve been playing around with this site for a while now, trying to make it perfect. Finding every possible reason why I wasn’t ready to start blogging. And now I’m starting for the simple reason that I’m not sure what else to do.
I’m having one of those nights. I don’t really want to do anything. I was planning to go to Green Drinks, but it’s cold out and a bit rainy, and I don’t want to walk to the bus. I just forced myself to finish two more chapters in “Contexts of Adult Education in Canada” and I don’t want to read anymore of that. I’ll try to read another chapter before bed, maybe. This book is taking far too long to get through, and I have three others to read before orientation starts next month.
I have piles of recycling to sort downstairs – don’t want to. Haven’t wanted to all week, which is why it didn’t go to the curb this morning. The floors are covered in a mess of cat hair and my hair and Tasha’s hair, but I sure as heck don’t want to sweep. So here I am.
I’m not usually so negative. This is surprising. I guess what’s really the problem is I have lost my enthusiasm for the whole blog project. I’ve been postponing it indefinitely. Then today I started planning a workshop where I will teach other people to start their own blogs, and so figured it was high time to start my own.
I’m embarrassed to admit this lack of enthusiasm is partly because Tasha beat me to the punch. I’ve been planning to do this for ages, and a few weeks ago, out of nowhere, Tash started her blog. Now, no matter what I write or how great it looks, hers will always have been first. Sibling rivalry never ends does it. And yes I know that’s all in my head, and silly, and no one else really cares. I know that I don’t really care either, and in fact I love reading Tasha’s blog even though it’s usually about stuff I already know and pictures I’ve already seen. I really enjoy the way she writes. Mostly because it’s the exact opposite of the way I write. I think about things way too much. I want every word and every punctuation mark to be perfect. Tasha just writes, which takes real guts. And it works.
Sometimes I think I ought to be more of a do-er. But Tash and I are so much alike already. It’s important to have our differences, too, isn’t it?

me and tash at the corb lund show


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